01. SUPERIORS COLLECTION What are Superiors? Superiors are 10,000 robots, merging codes and customs for an advanced future of humans and animals powered by AI. With Commercial Rights.

What is the rarity structure of the collection? Most Superiors are robots. There are 6 types of robots:

The non-robots are more rare. There are 6 types of non-robots:

What is the rarest type of Superiors? Levitate are rarest (0.05%). Spirit are also quite rare (0.2%). There are rare traits as well, including crowns, bubble gum, and more.

Where does the name Superiors come from? From AI.

Do Superiors come with commercial rights? Yes. Superiors holders are granted the same commercial rights as Yuga Labs provided for CryptoPunks in 2022 and on the HiFO Labs licence for Nakamigos. The full Superiors license is here.

What is the pixel dimension of each Superiors? 25 x 25.

What is the image resolution of each Superiors? Each image is a 2050px x 2050px PNG.

How many Superiors are reserved for the Superiors team? 250 (2.5% of the collection)

What is the royalty %? 5%

02. GENERAL What is the official Superiors website? (watch out for fakes)

What is the official Superiors Twitter? @nftsuperiors (watch out for fakes)

Is there a discord? No (watch out for fakes)

Are there other social media accounts besides the verified Superiors Twitter account? No (watch out for fakes)

Who is the artist behind Superiors? An “OG” crypto artist with many years of experience in digital art. The artist is anonymous but may choose to reveal their identity at some point.

What is In NFT We Trust (INWT)? The anonymous entity behind Superiors with years of experience in NFT & Digital projects.

Who is the dev team building the contract and running the minting process? built the Superiors custom smart contract and is handling the minting process.

Who receives reserved Superiors and mint funds? All parties noted above (INWT/Superiors, Superiors Artist) receive a portion of reserved Superiors and/or funds from the public mint for their role in helping to launch the project.

Stay safe! Always go to the official Superiors site for minting info:

*This FAQ is modeled on the HiFO Labs FAQ for Nakamigos issued in 2023.

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